Top Golf Ball Half (Plastic)


Image of Top Golf Ball Half (Plastic)
Is your top half broken, cracked or missing a chunk? Get this new top golf ball half to replace your current damaged one!

We all know plastic gets brittle over time and this doesn't exclude the OEM golf ball top halves on these shift knobs. Get these top golf ball halves and refurbish your shift knob the proper way. They are made of black ABS plastic and are 3D Printed to OEM-Spec.

Be sure to wrap it in some new leather for that true OEM finish. We offer this service for an additional fee when you purchase a new plastic top half from us (select this option from the drop down menu below) or if you're feeling up to the task buy a leather disc separately here and wrap it yourself!

NOTE: If selecting our Pre-wrapped Leather option, please keep in mind that your shipment may be delayed while we complete this task (usually by 1 business day). Due to the nature of this task, small wrinkles may be present at the bottom edge of the shifter top.